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  • Seize Opportunity for Change, Johnson, SarbanesTell Audience

    CHICAGO—The next year will bring tremendous opportunities for progress in federal affordable housing policy, but only if housing advocates come up with good ideas to modernize current programs and convince the next president to install a capable reformer as the head of the Department of Housing and...


    CHICAGO—The Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) has made some significant changes to its 2008-2009 qualified allocation plan (QAP), revamping its setaside categories and offering incentives for lower-income targeting and green building techniques.

  • Time for Bold Action

    Chicago—As I wrapped up AHF Live: The Tax Credit Developers’ Summit here in October, I was amazed by the excitement it generated. 

  • Schréder Lighting Opens U.S. Office

    Brussels-based Schréder Group, G.I.E., has established Schréder Lighting USA in Chicago. The company says its U.S. office will complement existing Canadian operations to establish the Schréder brand throughout North America.

  • Regional News

    CHICAGO—Centerline Holding Co. said it has provided $30.5 million in equity financing for phase II of Roosevelt Square Apartments here. The HOPE VI program provided an additional $17 million for phase II.

  • BEST SPECIAL-NEEDS PROJECT:Chicago Development Changing Lives

    CHICAGO—Anthony Sugel has a place to call home. He moved into his new apartment March 1. 

  • Regional News

    CHICAGO A private-public initiative will provide $12 million in financing to help affordable housing owners replace windows in about 2,000 apartments that city officials say are likely contaminated with lead-based paint because of their age.

  • Tackling the Tough Projects

    CHICAGO Interfaith Housing Development Corporation of Chicago (IHDCC) is building three affordable housing projects in three different neighborhoods in the city, and like the other developments the small nonprofit organization has created, the new housing will be unique.

  • THE STREET FIGHTER:Playing Hardball

    Gale Cincotta’s street-smart protest tactics were legendary among Chicago housing activists.

  • THE APOSTLE OF REHAB: Proving Preservation’s Power

    For John Pritscher, fighting social injustice was not the passing fancy of a young idealist. It was a life-long calling.