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More stories about Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor, OH

  • How Small Jobs Killed My Business

    Chasing energy rebates takes the focus off solving problems and puts it on getting as much rebate with as little out of pocket as possible, resulting in small jobs and mediocre performance improvement.

  • More Than 'Tips' Needed to Improve Energy Efficiency

    A thorough, step-by-step analysis that treats the home as an integrated system is the only route to true performance improvements, including lower energy bills and better indoor air quality.

  • Lessons Learned on Energy-Efficient Affordable Housing

    Practical insights on combining deep energy retrofits with affordable housing for 12 Cleveland homes

  • Emeritus House Shines in Central

    CLEVELAND—Emeritus House has always been more than just a collection of housing units. 

  • For-Sale Housing from NMTCs

    COLUMBUS, OHIO - Vacant houses in neighborhoods like American Addition and North of Broad here are getting a second chance, thanks to the New Markets Tax 

  • Remaking a Landmark

    CLEVELAND - The Famicos Foundation faced a litany of challenges in its rehab of the historic Emeritus House.

  • Midwest HFAs Focus on Foreclosures

    For many Midwest cities, the recent foreclosure crisis has made an already bad situation much worse.

  • Manufacturer Websites Get Upgrades

    Des Plains, Illinois-based Juno Lighting's Website,

  • Ghost Towns

    The East Side Organizing Project (ESOP) has a creative way of getting a predatory lender’s attention—dumping 2,000 small plastic sharks on the lawn of the lending company’s top executive.

  • Building a ‘Baby Halliburton’

    When Cleveland lawyer Frank Chapman decided to go after a big HUD contract, his firm had little or no experience in the job the agency needed done: managing and marketing Federal Housing Administration-insured single-family properties.