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  • Notebook

    Is lumber quality improving?; failing GFCIs; tools recalled; reusing wastewater out West; more

  • Notebook

    Widespread problem with leaky copper pipes, toxic mold blamed for infant deaths, recharging your NiCad batteries, lumber export fee agreement reached with Canada, U.S. importing drywall from Britain

  • Focus on Energy: Choosing a High-Performance Sealant

    Choosing a sealant

  • Engineered Beams & Headers

    Engineered beam stock is finding its way onto more sites. This review of glulams, LVL, and other specialty beams tells how to make the best use of the new materials.

  • New Members, New Connectors

    By William Loeffler. You can’t hang today’s trusses, wood I-beams, and LVL on flea-market joist hangers. This survey of special connectors guides you to the right hardware for the job.

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  • How Insulation Can Peel Your Paint

    Peeling exterior paint is a New England tradition cherished by few. New studies show how insulation adds to the problem, and what to do about it.