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More stories about Dayton, OH

  • A Chance to Start Over

    DAYTON, OHIO—Home to second chances, this building is where 26 women, including many veterans, are trying to bounce back from homelessness, drug abuse, and mental illness.

  • Midwest Developers Struggle to Find Funds

    The capital markets meltdown is affecting all sectors of the affordable housing industry, and nowhere is this more evident than the Midwest.

  • Toolbox: A Versatile Tool for Extreme Demolition

    Extreme demolition tool, heavy-duty cutoff saw

  • Letters

    Flashing flanged windows; questions on corroding copper pipe; reactions to Advantech article; ventilation makeup air

  • Letters

    Termite barrier tip, innovative fasteners

  • Q&A: Should I Set Siding Nails?

    Q: When beveled wood siding is going to be painted, should the nails be set below the surface of the siding and filled, or driven flush with the surface of the siding?

  • Getting Burned by a Client: Lessons Learned.

    There will always be homeowners who are out to take advantage of unwary builders. These tales of woe may help you see them coming and minimize the harm.

  • Focus on Energy: Choosing a High-Performance Sealant

    Choosing a sealant