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More stories about Eugene-Springfield, OR

  • Door and Window Defects Added to Disclosure List

    In Illinois, the disclosure list gets longer, specifically calling out moisure problems from doors and window defects.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Laminate Countertop Edge Options

    Laminate countertop edge options

  • Products

    Super scooter, aluminum foothold, PVC trimboards, safer subfloor adhesive, prestained doors, replacement shower drain, cordless drills, lightweight backerboard, more

  • Trade Talk: Growing Pains for Potable-Water PEX

    Although manufacturers of PEX tubing tout its many advantages, most plumbers still prefer copper

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    Better marketing for energy savings, plywood standards, ICF foundations, more

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    California verdict is “aasinine”; immigration laws should be enforced; keep the visual integrity of old houses; more

  • Products

    Rotting wood repair kit, removable concrete anchor, neck strap for safety glasses, hand cleaner towels, new slide dimmer switch, tough polycarbonate glazing panels

  • Notebook

    Cordless battery update, lumber price predictions, “green” building defined, geothermal heat pump rebates curtailed, job-site theft, storm shelters in tornado alley, algae-resistant shingles, residential silos

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    Fire separation assembly clarification, comments on new pressure-treated wood categories, Marvin Windows responds to article, support for women in the trades

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    Fifteen-volume business reference, woodworking primer, bathroom design and construction, HUD design guide