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  • Letters

    Markup math, plywood orientation in shear walls, tips for using foam forms

  • Innovative tools and materials

    Among the thousands of new building products introduced each year are some that help you build faster, better, and more economically. Here’s our pick of some of the best.

  • Letters

    Replacing ungrounded receptacles, clip-head nailers discussed, bidding teamwork, ladder safety

  • Notebook

    Urban building boom under way, sick building study, EIFS manufacturer not liable for failures

  • Letters

    Deck details, nailing metal hangers, vinyl siding

  • Products

    Double-bevel compound miter saw, graded glulams, all-in-one surge protector for the panel, versatile cable stripper

  • Letters

    About the new look, mechanical room ventilation, water-powered jet pumps questioned

  • New England Update

  • Q&A: Wood Glue: Okay After Freezing?

    Q: We use a yellow carpenter’s glue for wood-to-wood gluing chores. Every winter, I invariably leave the container in my truck overnight, and the glue freezes. Can this glue be thawed and used after it has frozen?

  • Letters

    Chimney flashing tips, eco-friendly lumber certification questioned