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  • JLC Report

    Passive House seeks broader appeal; proposed code changes stir controversy in North Carolina; more

  • UNC Economists Forecast Better Times in Coastal North Carolina

  • Ratings War

    FOR YEARS, developers have complained that the ?agship LEED for New Construction (NC) pro-gram—originally developed for high-rise commercial structures—was a bad ? t for the multifamily industry, particularly for low- and mid-rise developments.

  • Custom Modular for the Coast

    Modular designers have shown they can provide upscale packages, but are the homes up to the challenges of coastal construction?

  • Q&A on the Agency-Designated 130 Percent Basis Boost

    The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, signed in to law July 30, modernizes the federal low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program in several important ways

  • Sowing the Seeds

    Greensboro, N.C.—After several years of crippling job losses, North Carolina’s Triad region is finally adding new jobs, and multifamily developers have kicked off a new wave of development in anticipation of the economic resurgence.

  • Letters

    Metal Connectors and ACQ - Coastal Roofing - Weather-Tight Exteriors

  • Air Conditioning for Humid Climates

    Balancing cooling with humidity control is a tough job in the coastal South. A North Carolina hvac pro explains how the latest generation of cooling equipment meets the challenge.

  • What's New in Exterior Doors

    Fiberglass, composite, and a few new options have expanded the choices of entry doors beyond steel and wood.