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  • Hawaiian Volunteer Depends on Affordable Project

    KANEOHE, HAWAII - When Dorothea Pale and her husband, Isaia, were younger and both working, renting a house in this town near Honolulu was within their financial reach.


    HONOLULU—With the price of land and cost of development so high in Hawaii, lowincome housing tax credits (LIHTCs) are essential to developing affordable housing in the state.

  • Building and Saving Housing in Hawaii

    HONOLULU—EAH Housing is at the center of two major affordable housing deals in Hawaii this year.

  • William Lam

    Near the end of his career, but not yet retired, Bill Lam, in his own words, is still eager to meet the challenge of another project. But he is more than satisfied at what he's already accomplished. And his achievements are many. 'In looking back over my life, I think I've done some good design,'...

  • Backfill: A Concrete Slab for Y3K

    A temple built to last a thousand years

  • Business Forum: Can't Find Good Help?

  • Subbing Out Everything

    This $2 million remodeler tells how she maintains quality workmanship and good customer service with no tradesmen on payroll.

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