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  • Ellicott City & Columbia, Md.

    Although they represent different eras in Maryland's growth, Ellicott City and Columbia drive Howard County's economic and real estate development.

  • Going Home Again

    COLUMBIA, MD.— Stacy Spann has come back home to make a difference.

  • Farm-Fresh Fixtures

    When George Atkinson gave up dairy farming almost six years ago, he took the opportunity to realize a vision that had been staring him in the face during 50 years of twice-a-day milkings: a standing lamp made from old stanchions, the device that, in old-style dairy barns, was used to keep the cow...

  • Notebook

    Leaky condos lead to builder fees; cellulose fibers dramatically reduce stucco cracks; failing septic systems spawn class-action suit; new precut SIPs; expansive soils wreak havoc with floor slabs; labor unions go after non-union workers in Boston