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More stories about Las Vegas-Paradise, NV

  • 25th Annual IALD Lighting Design Awards

  • GE Announces Edison Award Winners

  • Lightfair Starts Student Outreach Program in Las Vegas

    Lightfair is introducing a program that will give full-time students free registration for the exhibit hall and discounts on seminars. Students will also be able to volunteer in exchange for free seminars and courses at the show. Contact Brianne Jones for more information at

  • LightFair Releases Schedule of Seminars, Courses

    The commercial lighting trade show and conference LightFair International has announced the availability of its 2008 lineup of courses, seminars, workshops, and keynote luncheons. Scheduled for May 26 to 30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the conference will offer educational and informational...

  • New Issue of Implications on Daylighting

    InformeDesign has released a new issue of its monthly newsletter, Implications. The current issue focuses on daylighting, and is authored by Dr. Michael Kroelinger, director of and professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. For more information go to,

  • A Report from Lightfair 2006

    The 17th annual Lightfair, held in Las Vegas from May 28 through June 1, exceeded expectations with over 16,500 attendees and a record number of exhibitors. Despite the Memorial Day weekend, everyone showed up, and this Lightfair was fresh and enjoyable, with plenty to see. Here are a few product...

  • 23 Annual GE Edison Awards


  • 23rd Annual IALD Award Winners


  • 23rd Annual IALD Award Winners

    , New York, for the Tourneau Time Dome Store in Las Vegas

  • and on to Las vegas and Los angeles ...

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