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More stories about Las Vegas-Paradise, NV

  • kaplan gehring mccarroll navigates the fast-paced world of las vegas casino and hospitality design.

    over the past decade, while working on projects of nearly every building type, and for a range of clients, from Disney to Ernst & Young, Los Angeles-based Kaplan Gehring McCarroll (KGM) Architectural Lighting has emerged as one of the lighting industry's leading design firms. Its rigorous...

  • Lightfair Gets a New Logo

    As Lightfair International continues to grow and respond to the requirements of its attendees and exhibitors, its research has indicated the need for a re-identification. To that end, Lightfair has launched a new brand mark. The result of discussion between the three event partners, the IES, the...

  • Sushi + Sake, Henderson, Nevada

    In an effort to be more than just a place to gamble, casinos are expanding their offerings to include resort activities and fine-dining experiences. But to that end, how does one create a restaurant setting that allows patrons a break from the casino's myriad of noise and sound, yet given the...

  • LEDs Rock Las Vegas

    Lightfair 2004 proved one thing: the lighting industry has LEDs on the brain. Of the record 222 products entered in the annual New Product Showcase, more than 50 were LED specific. Perhaps more significantly, judges named LED-based products as winners in 9 of the 25 categories. In other words, more...

  • Lightfair 2004

    The design industry gathered last week, from March 31 to April 2, in Las Vegas for Lightfair International 2004, the annual tradeshow and conference dedicated to architectural and commercial lighting.

  • Lucky Vegas seniors get low-cost assisted living

    Las Vegas—In a city where luck is not always on the side of developers, the successful opening of Silver Sky Assisted Living this summer was nearly a sure thing thanks to solid backing from key state and federal legislators and several state agencies.

  • Why Doesn't a Post-Tensioned Slab Buckle?

    Q: Is it possible that a post-tensioned garage slab could literally buckle in half when the tendons are tensioned, or does rebar in the slab prevent that from happening? Also, why are these types of slabs so common in Las Vegas? Is it because of the soil?

  • Brokered Relations

    When Sue Streeter started doing real estate broker programs in Las Vegas, Nev., 12 years ago, the strategy could be summed up in one word: shrimp. Today, Streeter is the Realtor relations coordinator for Pulte Homes' Del Webb communities in Las Vegas.

  • Kitchens That Cook

    That's the kind of test only a chef could come up with; someone who knows his way around a kitchen and, presumably, how to set up a kitchen to make it cook. The results are inconclusive, but Pulte-Las Vegas is hoping that Mauler's star appeal and expertise will lead to a better kitchen -- one for...

  • Notebook

    Report on pressure-treated lumber, basements in California, NAHB remodeler training, hinged truss plates, dirt for sale, toxic mold task force, more