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  • By Design: Designing Overhangs with the Sun in Mind

    Roof overhangs for light and shade

  • Toolbox: New Safety Harness Aims for Comfort

    Comfortable safety harness; new stone scribing tool; cabinetmaker’s choice in combination blades; more

  • Notebook

    Temps helping to meet labor shortage; fixing up after Floyd; new study says cross-bridging helps stiffen floors; innovative foundation system requires no excavation; analysis of low-e paint; failing flex duct cover; elves slow development in Iceland

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    Steel framing guides

  • Toolbox: Segmental Arches

    Layout tool for segmental arches

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    Concerns on the new building code, reader questions quick foundation repair, architects & advertisers

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    Steel framing lagging behind wood, home warranty laws, the true cost of ceiling fans, pitfalls of building on unstable soil

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    California condo debacle, builder returns to Vietnam, new OSHA scaffold standard

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    Green board drywall fails as tile substrate, lead carpenter manual

  • Letters