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More stories about Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA

  • In the News

    Job-site theft on the rise, lumber trade deadlock, hybrid glulam, DOE reintroduces SEER-13 efficiency standard, protecting frogs in California

  • Replacing Windows in Stucco Walls

    A Northern California stucco contractor explains how to install a new window in an existing stucco exterior without causing leaks.

  • Post-Tensioned Slabs

    Expansive soils can wreak havoc on conventional wire-mesh reinforced slabs. A California structural engineer explains why post-tensioned slabs have become a popular solution for building on problem soils.

  • In The News

    Quality control probe targets builders, opponents slow I-Code advance, aerial photos nail wetland violators

  • Shearwalls for Coastal Homes

    A design-build contractor explains how to meet the International Code's new coastal wind-load requirements by using shearwalls that work with your design, not against it.

  • In the News

    New ventilation standard, economics of OSB prices, ICFs resist test blasts, after the California fires, green building products

  • In the News

    No copyright for building codes, refinance boom dwindling, baking houses, tornado lessons

  • Big Builder News Bits

    By Wendy Leibowitz. Los Angeles-based KB Home announced it had acquired Chicago-based Zale Homes for $33 million, including the assumption of debt. KB Home closed 21,778 homes in the United States in 2002, for gross revenues of a little more than $5 million.

  • Ventura Prices Soar

    By Wendy Leibowitz. The median price of a home in Ventura County, Calif., topped $400,000 for the first time recently in September as buyers took advantage of low mortgage rates to bid up homes in the second-costliest county in Southern California, behind Orange County. Orange County's median first...

  • In the News

    Nail gun accidents, California picks NFPA code, Minnesota stucco warning, mega-home tally, Business Tune-Up