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More stories about Manhattan, KS

  • Stuy Town Market-Rate Units Return to Rent Control

    ATTORNEYS REPRESENTING Tishman Speyer and residents of Manhattan's Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village complex reached a partial settlement in December that will ultimately see the return of some 4,400 units back to rent stabilization.

  • Watering Manhattan

    They’ve been an integral part of New York City’s skyline for more than a century: thousands of wooden water tanks, banded with steel and capped by conical plywood roofs, perched alone or in clusters on buildings throughout the borough.

  • Top of the Heap

    THE EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTION that began with a bang on Wall Street has spread throughout other sectors of Manhattan.

  • Dark Night

    On May 5, an overflowing roomful of lighting designers, architects, lighting sales reps, interior designers, and students crossed over to the dark side. Held at Xenon Architectural Lighting's showroom in lower Manhattan, the event, titled Darknight, was hosted by Martin Lupton, president of the...

  • Lighting Innovator George Kovacs Dies

    Designer, manufacturer, and importer of unique modern lighting fixtures George Kovacs died June 22, 2007, at age 80. One of the most recognizable names in the lighting industry, Kovacs made many popular lamps and fixtures and marketed the products of other notable designers, among them Karim Rashid...

  • IALD Celebrates 35th

    The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) will celebrate its 35th anniversary with a day of festivities in Manhattan--its birth city--on October 14. A lineup of interesting events, and an attending crowd infamous for knowing how to have a 'good time,' mean this is an industry event...

  • The Art of Functionality

    A current exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt explores the convergence of minimalist and post-minimalist art and functionality. Entitled Design ? Art ('Design is not Art'), the show brings together a diverse group of 20 artists, and focuses particularly on the work of Donald Judd, Scott Burton, and...

  • Skylights and carefully arranged program elements provide daylight where it is least expected.

    where there is light, keep it going,' says alastair standing. more than a motto, it is a methodology that this sole-practitioner architect has been refining through a series of light-challenged Manhattan residential projects over the past several years. First, there was a loft on Broome Street...

  • LCOR Residential does condos in Gotham

    New York – At a time of steeply rising materials costs, condominiums may be the only product type to pencil out when it comes to building multifamily projects in some markets.

  • Computer Solutions: Visual Estimating

    A visual estimating program