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More stories about Memphis, TN-MS-AR

  • William Lam, FIALD

    Architectural Lighting

  • Up Ahead: Hybrid Lighting

  • Up Ahead: Hybrid Lighting

  • Royal Philips Acquires Bodine

    has acquired

  • Home is Where the Heart Is

    The Mack family has been living at The Reserve at Dexter Lake in suburban Memphis, Tenn., rent free for more than 12 months.

  • The Memphis Blues

    Apartment owners in Memphis may not have the blues as bad as local legend B.B. King, but they didn’t exactly have the sunniest year in 2006, and it’s unlikely things are going to get too much better for them anytime soon.

  • Tracking Your Time

    A time card can improve the accuracy of your estimates, cut worker’s comp costs, and increase your profit. A custom builder shares his system.

  • Resources

    Climate-specific building guides

  • Products

    Carbide-tipped rebar cutter, inflatable knee pads, flood-detector sump pump, magnetic gate latch, flexible screening, new drywall corner bead

  • Products

    Prefab plumbing access panels, hand-crank fork lift, electric radiant heat panels, nonyellowing clear caulk