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  • Miami-Dade Takes on Billion-Dollar Sewer and Water Upgrade

    “A world-class city has good infrastructure,” Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez said this month, as commissioners approved a 15-year, $1.6-billion program of investment in water and sewer pipes.

  • Port of Miami Tunnel Project Half Dug

    How about a tunnel 3,900 feet long? That's the job facing a public-private consortium that's working to improve traffic flow in the Port of Miami.

  • Miami Corruption Scandal Stalls Big Projects

    The future of some high-profile public construction projects in Dade County, Fla., has been thrown into uncertainty following criminal investigations into bid-rigging and kickbacks.

  • Privately Funded Passenger Rail Coming to Florida

    Real estate company Florida East Coast Industries picks up where Gov. Rick Scott left off by moving forward with a $1 billion passenger-rail line between Miami and Orlando—without government funding.

  • Growing Market for Parking Lot Design

    As the market for parking lot design grows relentlessly higher, architects search for attractive, multipurpose solutions.

  • Port of Miami Tunnel Project Gears Up to Go

  • Chinese Drywall Update: Remediation Set to Start in Pilot Program~

  • Pop Quiz: Q & A with David Deutch, a partner at Pinnacle Housing Group

    DAVID DEUTCH is a partner at Pinnacle Housing Group, a Miami-based affordable housing developer.

  • Outstanding Achievement, Whole Building - W Fort Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

    With their roughly 50 locations worldwide, the W Hotel chain has set a loose but reliable formula for hip, laid-back hospitality. However, when a Miami development group decided they wanted to bring the franchise to a stretch of oceanfront in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., already brimming with fashionable...

  • Chinese Drywall Update: A Failure to Warn?