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  • Carrfour Beats Rising Costs, NIMBY

    MIAMI BEACH, FLA. - Harding Village finally opened last December, a year behind schedule and more than $1 million over budget.

  • The Big Chill

    Miami - Weeds, not potential buyers, climb the steps of the sales office for Onyx 2 On the Bay, a planned 50-story luxury condo located at Biscayne Bay and 28th Street, just north of downtown.

  • The Great Condo Bazaar

    Lewis Goodkin scouts neighborhoods where condominium developers are struggling to sell units, looking for opportunities.

  • A LIHTC home for foster-care students

    Miami Florida developer Matt Greer is excited about his new housing program for youths aging out of foster care, not only because it’s providing valuable affordable housing for people with few alternatives but because he’s convinced it can be replicated i

  • Carlisle triples its tax credit allocations

    miami Lloyd Boggio, CEO of The Carlisle Development Group, is coming off his greatest year as an affordable housing developer.


    Miami — At the top of any roller coaster comes a moment when the ride almost seems to stop.

  • Breakline

    Required Engineering - Hurricane Academy - Coastal Population Booms - 2005 Hurricane Forecast

  • Breakline: Blowing Up the House

    Blowing Up the House - Beach renourishment - NOAA Alerts

  • Notebook

    Making the most of the construction boom, new joist bracing system, lumber price update, local codes limited in Florida