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More stories about Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, FL

  • Florida Looks for Flood Insurance Alternatives

    Rising premiums are putting the squeeze on Florida homeowners, and state lawmakers are looking for alternatives.

  • Miami Ponders its Future on the Edge of a Higher Sea

    If you live in Miami, you already might already have to wade to your car during high tides. So wWith seas on the rise, what does the future hold?

  • High Tides Mean Soggy Streets in Miami Beach

    It doesn’t take sea level rise to make for wet streets in Miami Beach—just a high tide.

  • Restaurant Deck Collapse Dumps Diners into Sea

    Questions abound, but answers are scarce in the sudden structural failure of a seaside patio deck at Miami seafood hangout Shuckers.

  • Florida County Counts 1,900 Chinese Drywall Houses

    Lee County, Florida has 1,900 Chinese drywall-tainted houses on its tax rolls (officially). The true number is uncertain.

  • Miami-Dade Takes on Billion-Dollar Sewer and Water Upgrade

    “A world-class city has good infrastructure,” Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez said this month, as commissioners approved a 15-year, $1.6-billion program of investment in water and sewer pipes.

  • Port of Miami Tunnel Project Half Dug

    How about a tunnel 3,900 feet long? That's the job facing a public-private consortium that's working to improve traffic flow in the Port of Miami.

  • Miami Corruption Scandal Stalls Big Projects

    The future of some high-profile public construction projects in Dade County, Fla., has been thrown into uncertainty following criminal investigations into bid-rigging and kickbacks.

  • Privately Funded Passenger Rail Coming to Florida

    Real estate company Florida East Coast Industries picks up where Gov. Rick Scott left off by moving forward with a $1 billion passenger-rail line between Miami and Orlando—without government funding.

  • Growing Market for Parking Lot Design

    As the market for parking lot design grows relentlessly higher, architects search for attractive, multipurpose solutions.