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    The drill doctor comes to call

  • Cordless Recip Saws

    JLC ’s We ran a group of eight cordless reciprocating saws through some tough testing — and generally liked what we found: more power and longer run-times than expected.

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    We sent two JLC editors to the show to research what’s new in the world of tools and equipment. Here’s the report from Dave Crosby.

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    We sent the new reciprocating saws out into the field to see how they performed. Here’s how a group of veteran remodelers rated the saws for a variety of tasks.

  • Tool Test: Jigsaws

    Toolless blade clamps and smooth, vibration-free cutting make these tools easier than ever to use.

  • Toolbox: Cordless Impact Drivers

    Cordless impact drivers

  • New Tools for 2000

    We scouted the 1999 National Hardware Show for the tools we think will make you more productive in the coming year.

  • Tool Test: Sliding Compound Miter Saws

    Our tool editor looks at both single- and double-compound models with an eye toward accuracy, durability, and ease of use.

  • Tool Test: Recip Blade Demolition Derby

    We tortured these heavy-duty, bimetal reciprocating saw blades to find out how well they could make a plunge cut, shear off 30-penny spikes, and cut through an asphalt-roof assembly.

  • Sneak Preview: New Tools for '99

    When it comes to new tools — whether cordless, pneumatic, or good ol’ hand tools — there’s no place like the National Hardware Show in Chicago. Here’s what the major manufacturers unveiled this year.