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More stories about Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI

  • "Tri-Horse" Saw Work Station

    Brian Campbell, a finish carpenter in St. Paul, Minnesota, has developed a workstation he calls the Tri-Horse, because each horse has three points of contact with the ground. It can be set up in several ways, breaks down flat for storage and transport--and you can build it yourself.

  • Retrofit Exterior Foundation Insulation

    Is there a minimally invasive, cost-competitive, easily deployable method of upgrading soil-side foundation insulation in existing buildings? Read on.

  • Weekend House on Lake Superior

    Annual Design Review 2010: Live: Award

  • Trenchless Excavation

    In the hands of a skilled operator, a horizontal boring machine can solve tough drainage problems without damage to the landscaping.

  • Holding Their Own

    AS IN MUCH OF THE NATION, the Minneapolis/St. Paul apartment market shifted dramatically during the past few years.

  • Mining from the Past

    Minneapolis—R.T. Rybak mines important lessons out of the old streetcar cities of the past.

  • Turning a Corner

    MINNEAPOLIS -- After two freeways cut off the Phillips neighborhood from Minneapolis' central business district in the 1960s, businesses there either failed or left—and the area turned into a hotbed for drug trafficking and prostitution.

  • Midwest At-A-Glance

    The Minneapolis metro area is one of the top five in the Midwest in terms of vacancy rates, ending 2007 at 4.2 percent, the metro’s best vacancy rate since 2001. The area is forecast to have a 4.5 vacancy rate in 2008.


    St. PAUL—The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (Minnesota Housing) continues to increase its emphasis on green and sustainable design standards in the 2008 qualified allocation plan (QAP).

  • BEST HISTORIC REHAB PROJECT: Midtown Exchange a Stabilizing Force

    MINNEAPOLIS—The Midtown Exchange Apartments, a 219-unit development located within the massive Midtown Exchange building in South Minneapolis, has had a stabilizing effect on its neighborhood.