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More stories about New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA

  • In Sandy Aftermath, Businesses Step Up to Help

    While FEMA has spent or at least authorized hundreds of millions of dollars in relief, the government's resources do have limits.

  • New York City Still Struggling to Recover

    Almost six weeks after Hurricane Sandy slammed into New York City, parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island are still reeling from the blow.

  • Sandy's Aftermath: "There are Two Long Islands"

    A few miles inland, where the winds were moderate and the flood waters did not penetrate, life is back to normal for most people. But on the shores, the trouble is just beginning.

  • Lights Still Out on Long Island

    According to a CBS News report, about 76,000 LIPA customers still did not have service on Monday.

  • Sandy Aftermath: Jersey Shore Struggles with Shattered Infrastructure

    With the Superstorm long gone and its Nor'easter aftershock fading also, New Jersey contractors are coming to grips with a long, arduous task of repair and reconstruction.

  • New Yorkers Debate Flood Protection

    Construction of a 5 mile barrier from Rockaway to Sandy Hook NJ would cost at least $10 billion.

  • After the Storm: Long Island

    I’ve been worried about a storm like this for over 10 years, ever since hearing NOAA warnings about the flood risks faced by anyone living south of the Long Island's Montauk Highway.

  • Sandy Devastates Jersey Shore, Manhattan, and Long Island

    Hurricane Sandy's double-barreled onslaught of high winds and record-high storm surge flooding left behind a monumental task of rescue, recovery, and reconstruction.

  • Stanford White Site Marked for Development

    Anbau Enterprises purchased the lot in New York City’s Flatiron District where Stanford White used to entertain young girls, including his ill-famed mistress Evelyn Nesbit.

  • GSA Signs Lease at One World Trade Center

    The U.S. General Services Administration signed a lease at the new towers, pushing the tenant occupancy past the halfway mark.