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More stories about New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA

  • Behind the Scenes: The Cover

    To celebrate its 25th anniversary, ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING asked Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Lite Brite Neon studio to create a blue "25" sign, a photograph of which graces the cover of our Nov/Dec 2011 issue.

  • Storm Surge Floodgates for New York City?

  • Stanley Russell McCandless

    May 9, 1897—August 1967

  • Richard Kelly

  • Paul Marantz

  • Paul Gregory

  • Edison Price

    It is telling that Edison Price's trademark downlights and accent lights illuminate many of the world's great works of art. The inventor-engineer-designer is regarded today as somewhat of an old master himself. And like Rembrandt and Hals, he was among the first modern practitioners of his craft...

  • Industry Faces

    A look at some of the people who have helped to steer architectural lighting design.

  • Maritime Lights

    A custom LED handrail system gives Hoboken's Pier C Park a discreet light source that emphasizes the landscape's sinuous curves.

  • Altman Lighting Plans Expansion

    Yonkers, N.Y., will help the company modernize its facility to produce LEDs locally.