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More stories about Omaha-Council Bluffs, NE-IA

  • A Boom in Midtown

    Omaha—The strong economy and rising demand for new units are fueling a boom in this city’s midtown district.

  • Rehab of Historic Landmark Helps an Active Mother

    OMAHA, NEB. - For more than half a century, the Livestock Exchange Building served as the center of Omaha’s livestock industry—before it fell vacant as the stock pens stood empty.

  • In the News

    A concept house in Omaha, Neb.; Ecobuild America conference; more

  • Products

    Ready-made business forms; ventilating fan for toilet bowl; generator wheel kit; rack for production door painting; hot wheelbarrow add-ons; more

  • Toolbox: Builders' Accessories Solve Job-Site Jams

  • Building to Ledge with Foam Forms

    Foam-core blocks offered the cheapest way to build this 17-sided foundation on solid rock.

  • Building With Style: Reviving the Porch