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More stories about Orlando-Kissimmee, FL

  • In Florida, Wildfire Risk Looms

  • Florida's Economy: Yes, It's Bad~

  • After the Flood

    Drivers along Interstate 10, tracing the Gulf Coast from the Florida panhandle through Alabama to Mississippi, can still see wreckage left behind by the hurricanes of 2005

  • Florida Bridges Loan Gap

    Through a $10 million grant Florida Housing Finance Corp. (FHFC) received from the state last August, the department is putting the money to good use by initiating a preservation bridge loan program targeting nonprofit development organizations by providing loans for acquisition and predevelopment...

  • POAH Takes Over Six Florida Projects

    Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc. (POAH), has closed on the purchase of six affordable rental properties in Florida, with a total of 846 apartments.

  • Habitat Orlando Goes Multifamily

    The first families have moved into Staghorn Villas, the most ambitious project undertaken by Habitat for Humanity Orlando.

  • Financial Storm Surge Hits Florida Hard~

  • Strengthening Roof-to-Wall Connections

    New Florida codes compel contractors to upgrade the roof-wall connections on qualifying older homes when replacing the roof covering. In this article Richard Reynolds, who helped write the new code language, outlines the steps involved: how to inspect the connections that tie existing rafters or...

  • Hurricane-Recovery Housing Takes Root

    PENSACOLA, FLA. - Four years ago, when Hurricane Ivan swept through the Florida panhandle, killing 52 and causing close to $10 billion in damage, an estimated 2,000 residents of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties were left homeless.

  • Young CEO Turns Carlisle, Florida Housing On Its Ear

    Editor’s note: AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE has selected 15 outstanding industry leaders under the age of 40. These 15 individuals will be featured in the June, July, September, October, and November issues of AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE. For a complete list of the 2008 Young Leaders, go to...