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More stories about Orlando-Kissimmee, FL

  • In the News

    Chinese drywall investigated in Florida; West Virginia builder sued for installing fake radon systems; green building stats fall short; more

  • In Florida, Wildfire Risk Looms

  • Florida's Economy: Yes, It's Bad~

  • After the Flood

    Drivers along Interstate 10, tracing the Gulf Coast from the Florida panhandle through Alabama to Mississippi, can still see wreckage left behind by the hurricanes of 2005

  • Florida Bridges Loan Gap

    Through a $10 million grant Florida Housing Finance Corp. (FHFC) received from the state last August, the department is putting the money to good use by initiating a preservation bridge loan program targeting nonprofit development organizations by providing loans for acquisition and predevelopment...

  • POAH Takes Over Six Florida Projects

    Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc. (POAH), has closed on the purchase of six affordable rental properties in Florida, with a total of 846 apartments.

  • Habitat Orlando Goes Multifamily

    The first families have moved into Staghorn Villas, the most ambitious project undertaken by Habitat for Humanity Orlando.

  • Financial Storm Surge Hits Florida Hard~

  • Strengthening Roof-to-Wall Connections

    New Florida codes compel contractors to upgrade the roof-wall connections on qualifying older homes when replacing the roof covering. In this article Richard Reynolds, who helped write the new code language, outlines the steps involved: how to inspect the connections that tie existing rafters or...

  • Hurricane-Recovery Housing Takes Root

    PENSACOLA, FLA. - Four years ago, when Hurricane Ivan swept through the Florida panhandle, killing 52 and causing close to $10 billion in damage, an estimated 2,000 residents of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties were left homeless.