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More stories about Peoria, IL

  • Notebook

    High school vo-tech programs in decline; fiber-cement roofing woes; photovoltaic glazing; faulty hvac system proves deadly; more

  • Products

    Ten-year smoke detector, temporary plastic door latch, quiet attic fan, vinyl railing system

  • For What It's Worth

    Thermostatic crawlspace vent, new fiberglass-mat roofing paper, fold-up hearing protectors

  • Case Study: Roof Ventilation Retrofit

    If you’ve ever considered skimping on ventilation details, think again. This moisture-damaged roof system is an extreme case, but it teaches an important lesson about doing the job right the first time.

  • Low-Profile Ridge Vents

    The Journal takes a close-up look at the installation and performance of the new breed of shingle-over ridge vents.

  • Letters

  • Letters

  • For What It's Worth