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  • Risks of Rising Seas Pondered in Portland, Maine

    Sea levels are going to rise in the coming century. In Portland, Maine, policymakers are starting to plan ahead.

  • Doing It All

    PORTLAND, MAINE—The professional growth of DJ Nelson and the expansion of The Eagle Point Cos. are closely connected.

  • Portland Officials Push Back on New FEMA Flood Map

  • What's In It For Maine?

  • Portland, Maine

    One of the few working waterfronts left in the United States, Portland is expanding beyond its seafaring tradition and embracing an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Avesta Fosters New Partnerships

    PORTLAND, MAINE— Avesta Housing is a leading nonprofit affordable housing developer in Maine, with a history of building innovative projects.

  • Princeton Finds Opportunity in Portland

    Portland, Maine—Princeton Properties Management, Inc., has hardly raised the rent at its apartment properties here since 2001. Annual rent growth has ranged between 0 percent and 2 percent.

  • Letters

    Airtight homes, cash accounting, woodshop noise, drilling holes in I-joists, more

  • Letters

    Cutting trusses, frost-protected posts, ERVs vs. HRVs, foil-faced foam, more

  • New England Update