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  • To Improve the Energy Performance of Walls, Look at Total R-Value

    Today’s builders are learning to mitigate thermal bridging by using alternative framing techniques, continuous exterior rigid foam products, or both.

  • Damage From Roof Moss

    That green growth on your roof might be causing expensive damage to many parts of your home.

  • Ductless Heat Pumps

    These easily installed units offer flexible sizing and high efficiency at moderate cost.

  • One-on-One with Naomi Miller

    After having spent more than 30 years designing lighting projects, Naomi Miller is now approaching lighting from a different angle—that of technology development and application.

  • DOE Publishes Report From Solid-State Lighting Market Introduction Workshop In Portland, Ore.

  • BEST MASTER-PLANNED/MIXED-USE PROJECT:New Neighborhood Rises in Portland

    PORTLAND, ORE.—New Columbia isn’t just a public housing development. It is a brand new neighborhood. 

  • Temporary Event Complex

    Commendable Achievement | Whole Building Projects

  • Portland Reinvents an Entire Neighborhood

    PORTLAND, ORE. - This city bid farewell to what was its largest public housing project and welcomed a brand new neighborhood. New Columbia is a total reconstruction of the aging Columbia Villa public housing development, which was built in 1942 for World War II shipyard workers.

  • The Housing U-Turn

    Portland, Ore.— A few years ago, Portland, Ore.,

  • Interface Engineering Expands its Lighting Studio

    has expanded its lighting studio: Robert Dupuy has returned as lead and associate principal in the company's Portland, Oregon office; Cliff Bodell has been hired as a lighting designer; and Mark Godfrey has joined the studio as senior lighting designer. In addition, Interface Engineering's senior...