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More stories about Portland-Vancouver-Beaverton, OR-WA

  • Notebook

    Portland, Ore., growth restrictions; Minnesota energy code takes on backdrafting; new concrete reinforcing; top ten building markets

  • Letters

    Painting wood siding, venting metal roofs

  • Letters

    Fire separation assembly clarification, comments on new pressure-treated wood categories, Marvin Windows responds to article, support for women in the trades

  • Letters

    Leave remodeling to professionals, base flashing detail for irregular foundations, pros and cons of forced-hot-air zoning

  • Practical Engineering: Calculating Loads on Overhanging Floors

    Calculating loads on overhanging joists

  • Letters

    Follow-up questions on using water heaters for radiant heat, framing sub speaks out, clarification of span-to-depth ratio of floor trusses, architect espouses teamwork

  • Practical Engineering: Roadworks

    Building a durable driveway

  • Letters

    Insulation test results questioned, design code clarification, fence for portable table saw

  • Letters

    About the new look, mechanical room ventilation, water-powered jet pumps questioned

  • Eight-Penny News

    New low-density spray foam insulation, ADA seminars offered, buying lumber on the Internet