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    PROVIDENCE—Dorothy Boisseau has already driven out to visit all nine of the project sites that applied for 2008 low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs).

  • Amerlux Staff Announcements

    Amerlux Lighting Solutions has appointed two new regional vice presidents. Dave Silverman is the central regional vice president responsible for 15 states in the U.S. Midwest and through Eastern Canada. Rob Limroth is northeast regional vice president responsible for Eastern Pennsylvania, Northern...

  • Lincoln School

    A coordinated effort between architect and lighting manufacturer creates an educational environment that teaches a thing or two about lighting design.

  • Lumiere Hair Salon

    The name sets the scene at the Lumiere hair salon in Providence, Rhode Island, where architecture firm Hogan/Macaulay was challenged to create a lighting scheme that would communicate the identity of this new business in Downcity, a district that is rapidly transforming from industrial to hip...

  • Lightolier Turns 100

    Lighting manufacturer Lightolier is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The Fall River, Massachusetts-based company was originally incorporated as the New York Gas Appliance Company by Bernhard Blitzer.

  • Cooper Lighting Announces Winners of the 28th Annual Source Awards

    Following Sea Gull Lighting Products' Ambiance Design Competition, the latest addition to the competition scene, veteran

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  • In the News

    Insurer wins Katrina case; Rhode Island toughens registration rules; Wisconsin limits impact fees; building costs rise; more

  • Interview: All in One

    Design/build contractor Andrew DiGiammo specializes in high-end custom coastal projects around Providence, R.I., and Fall River, Mass. He discusses the advantages - for clients and for his company - in being both the architect and builder, and examines the different challenges of residential and...

  • Interview: Island Habitats

    Robert Van Cleef started Yankee Housewrights as a residential remodeling business in 1985 in Jamestown, Rhode Island. With a wealth of remodeling experience in his toolbox, Van Cleef tells us why certain new construction projects don't interest him and how preparing your business to handle two or...