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    RICHMOND, VA. Former transportation engineer Monique Johnson, 32, owes her entry into the affordable housing industry to serendipity.

  • Seniors at Heart of Winchester Greens

    RICHMOND, VA. - The Better Housing Coalition (BHC) put seniors housing at the center of its Winchester Greens development.

  • Averting market-rate conversion: One project’s story

    Richmond, Va. When existing federal low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) on the Quarter Mill apartment complex in Richmond, Va., were set to expire, the partners in the ownership entity decided to sell to the highest bidder for conversion to market-rat

  • For What It's Worth

    R-25 foam foundation form, low-VOC adhesive, no-itch batt insulation cover, adjustable screw plumbs windows and doors

  • Letters

    Reversed polarity question, markup percentages, thin-slab radian

  • Letters

  • Letters

  • Financing Affordable Housing

    The feds are mostly out of the affordable housing business, but many state and local programs are picking up the slack. Here’s a guide to success with these programs.

  • Slate Roof Repairs

    If you’re adding a skylight, or just need to replace a few broken slates, follow this simple step-by-step repair guide.