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  • Legrand Acquires Vantage Controls

    , a French company specializing in products and systems for electrical installations and data networks, has acquired Utah-based Vantage Controls, which will be Legrand's sixth business group in North America. With the acquisition, the company, now named Vantage/Legrand, is positioned to be a...

  • Merger News

    Salt Lake City-based residential lighting controls manufacturer

  • Installing an Electric-Radiant Tile Floor

    Electric-resistance tile-warming systems can increase comfort in the kitchen and bath without greatly increasing the client's electric bill. A tilesetter shares his method for a foolproof installation.

  • Salt Lake Strategy

    By Pat Curry. When Fieldstone Homes opened shop in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1998, history was not on its side. To make that happen, Fieldstone needed to know the cost of every component of the house and drive out inefficiency.

  • Notebook

    Portland, Ore., growth restrictions; Minnesota energy code takes on backdrafting; new concrete reinforcing; top ten building markets

  • Notebook

    Coping with swings in lumber prices, back supports cut injuries, spray foam insulation outperforms fiberglass in extreme cold

  • Strictly Business: Open a Line of Credit at Your Bank

    Opening a line of credit

  • Business Forum: How To Look Good to Your Banker

  • Letters

    Balancing cost and good design, working downtown

  • Eight-Penny News

    Generic I-joists, hurricane-proof glass, debunking EMFs