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More stories about San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA

  • Honoring Cushing Dolbeare’s memory

    San Francisco — When it came to getting good media coverage of the disparity between the housing “haves” and the housing “have-nots,” no one did it better than Cushing Niles Dolbeare.

  • CHC rescues The Altenheim

    Oakland, Calif. — Citizens Housing Corp. (CHC) has saved The Altenheim here in the Fruitvale area from dereliction

  • Report: Housing moves further out ofreach

    THE NATIONAL HOUSING WAGE has grown to $15.78 an hour, reported the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) in its annual Out of Reach report.

  • AHF to focus on homeless children

    SAN FRANCISCO A man sitting by a freeway off-ramp asking for spare change. A woman pushing a shopping cart down the road. 

  • Blueprint for Successful Marketing

    Whether you're a small, one-person operation or a company with 50 employees, an effective marketing program will help you build a healthier business.

  • Are Translated Policy Manuals Necessary?

    Q. Are Translated Policy Manuals Necessary? I believe an employee policy manual is required for general contractors in California, and employees must sign off on having read it. But many Spanish-speaking workers don't read English. How do contractors hand

  • Solar Hot Water 101

    Solar water heating has a proven record of cutting energy costs. Here's what you need to know to help customers choose the right system.

  • Weatherstripping Existing Windows

    A California remodeler tells how he retrofits weatherstripping on existing wood windows for sound and thermal insulation.

  • Urban Cowboy

    By Lew Sichelman. Well then, what's one of the nation's largest builders doing in the urban heart of such Northern California cities as San Jose, Emeryville, and Hayward? And like a growing number of markets, the San Francisco Bay Area is one of those places Will Rogers was talking about when he...

  • Legal: Do You Want to Be the Second Contractor on a Job?

    Do you want to be the second contractor on a job?