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More stories about San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA

  • Private Equity Office, Menlo Park

    Working in the financial services industry is a stressful, highly charged experience in which 15-hour workdays are the norm. When one quickly growing northern California equity firm needed to move its operations to accommodate its personnel expansion, it hired Gensler to transform two unconnected...

  • Should You Go Smoke-Free?

    The city of Belmont, Calif., imposed a smoking ban at all rental properties in September. Oakland, Calif., is also considering a nosmoking policy. And a handful of multifamily owners and operators have already made the switch to smoke-free at their properties to protect their investments

  • The Whole Package

    San Francisco—In a housing market staggered by the credit crisis, The Potrero condominium development has some heavy reinforcement on its side—the largest Whole Foods Market in the city.

  • Three Proposals for San Francisco's Transbay Neighborhood

    The Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA), a group formed in 2001 to redevelop the aging 1930s transit station located at Mission and 1st streets, put out an international call last year for architect-developer teams to design the city's Transbay neighborhood.

  • Not Your Grandfather's Power-Tool Race

    Belt-sander racers step aside: Your tools just aren't fast enough — and even if they were, they're way too ordinary-looking to compete in the Power Tool Drag Races.

  • The New Take On Mid-Rise Design

    A four-story gleaming silver ellipse will feature new condominiums over a two-story café space at the corner of 888 Seventh St. in San Francisco

  • The Savior of New Orleans?

    So much depends on Ed Blakely, the planner charged with pushing the recovery effort from idea to reality.

  • NAED Changes Annual Meeting Name & Format

    The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) has changed the name and format of its annual meeting as part of its 100th anniversary celebration. Formerly known as the NAED Annual Meeting, it will be called the NAED National Electrical Leadership Summit beginning with the 2008 meeting...

  • Sara Conner Court Answers Urban InfillChallenge

    HAYWARD, CALIF. - Sara Conner Court is an affordable housing development that achieved multiple goals when it opened its doors in 2006.

  • Development Brings Together Housing, PublicLibrary

    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - The city’s most vulnerable seniors, including those transitioning out of homelessness and long-term care, have a place to call home at Mission Creek Senior Community.