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More stories about San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA

  • Urban Village

    SAN JOSE, CALIF.—For Colleen Lamarr, the new apartment she shares with her two young daughters means no longer commuting more than an hour to work. Lamarr and her girls are one of the 300 families that have moved into Corde Terra Village, the newest affordable housing development in San Jose.

  • NO. 1 • SAN JOSE: The Wildest Ride

    Entering the apartment market in San Jose, Calif., is a lot like being a kid waiting in line in high summer to ride the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland for the first time.

  • Visual Communication

    Media artist Ben Rubin explores the interaction between light, sound, and symbol.

  • Trailblazing bond deal Award-winning San Jose transaction offers new way to boost affordable housing development

    San Jose, Calif. A $66 million bond deal done last year by the redevelopment agency here may have forged a path other municipalities can use to tap their state volume cap in a new way.

  • 46,000 seek Sec. 8 vouchers

    The demand for housing subsidies became clear in Santa Clara County, Calif., in April when the housing authority accepted applications for its Sec. 8 voucher waiting list for the first time in seven years.

  • Team Hiring - A Group Decision

    I'm a remodeler in Northern California and do about $1.5 million per year in kitchens, baths, and whole-house remodels. Much of the work is subbed, so we can do this volume with a relatively small full-time crew; currently we have two in the office and three in the field.

  • Letters

    Tiling over laminate, decking tips, solar incentives, precast chimneys, ANSI water heater spec

  • Trade Talk: More New Homes Getting Structured Wiring

    Wiring for the future comes to the present

  • Notebook

    House-eating fungus wreaking havoc in California; Sears abandons installed sales company; new Minnesota energy code; looking for a better low-flow toilet test

  • JLC Live! West Coast Edition

    From job-costing to computer technology, these business tips have been gleaned from some of the most popular seminars at our first western Construction Business & Technology Conference.