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More stories about Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA

  • Parkhurst Transforms Troubled Site

    APTOS, CALIF. - Parkhurst Terrace is a world away from the notorious trailers that were once parked on the same land and served as homes to many families.

  • Homeless Check In To Nuevo Sol

    SANTA CRUZ, CALIF. -The Nuevo Sol Apartments haven’t always been a healthy place to live. Before workers finished a green rehab here in September, the tiny rental apartments had a reputation for illegal drugs and prostitution, despite their location just a few blocks from the beach.

  • Where Do They Go at Night?

    When I drove the backroads of Santa Cruz County, Calif., where I lived for many years, I would pass the region’s many strawberry fields. It was easy to spot the hunched-over backs of the farmworkers who were picking the red berries.

  • Santa Cruz, Calif.: Granny-Unit Law Adopted

    This seaside community has found a way to encourage the development of affordable small-scale, neighborhood-compatible housing.

  • Notebook

    House-eating fungus wreaking havoc in California; Sears abandons installed sales company; new Minnesota energy code; looking for a better low-flow toilet test

  • Legal Advisor: Framing Subcontracts

    Framing-only subcontracts

  • Foolproof Change Orders

    This standard form and tracking system for change orders, created by a practicing contractor who is also an attorney, will ensure that you get paid for all extra work.

  • Legal Column: Patch to Match

    Contract language for plans that say “match existing”

  • Business Forum: Getting Paid For Changes

    Use the right contract language for change orders to make sure you get paid

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