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More stories about Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA

  • Notebook

    Arsenic and pressure-treated lumber; construction-training high school; Masonite gives up on hardboard siding; free trade in Canadian lumber; more

  • Q&A: How Rain Screens Work

    Q: I plan to install wood siding over a vented rain screen on a house in Seattle, where we get rain for long periods during the winter. My question is, how can the air cavity dry if the exterior relative humidity is 100 percent? Assuming the air cavity temperature is the same as the exterior...

  • Floating Floor Options

    Floating floors offer some advantages over conventional hardwood strip flooring: They’re more dimensionally stable, come prefinished, and because they’re laminated, are available in wood species that would be cost-prohibitive in full-thickness flooring. Here’s a survey of what’s available.

  • By Design: Trusses vs. Rafters

    Designing roofs: stick-framed or trusses?

  • By Design: Infill Housing That Fits

    Infill housing — a stylish solution

  • By Design: Fitting a Staircase

    Fitting stairs into a small plan

  • Letters

    Replacing ungrounded receptacles, clip-head nailers discussed, bidding teamwork, ladder safety

  • Making a Flat Roof Work

    Designing a flat-roofed addition

  • By Design: A Fitting Addition

    Designing an addition that fits

  • By Design: A Tale of Two Houses

    How floor plans affect use patterns