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More stories about Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA

  • A Long Engagement

    SEATTLE - Those who typically have been shut out of affordable housing options get more than a home at Evans House.

  • Sharing Space

    SEATTLE - On a busy downtown corner, a new green building balances the needs of a demanding neighborhood, formerly homeless residents, and the nation’s largest pharmacy chain.

  • Street Kings in Seattle

    SEATTLE - It took some 130 meetings with residents of the former public housing development located in the White Center neighborhood to come up with a plan to replace deteriorating housing that was originally built in 1942 to house Boeing workers during World War II.

  • Rice, Yordán Take Reins at Enterprise

    A former mayor of Seattle and an investment banker from New York have taken over leadership of the affordable housing and community development organizations founded 25 years ago by James Rouse, the legendary commercial real estate developer who revitalized historic sections of Boston, Baltimore...

  • Seattle YWCA Does Innovative Bond Deal

    SEATTLE -- The YWCA of Seattle, King County, and Snohomish County has a long history of providing affordable housing but knew it had to do more.

  • Green Building Saves $$$

    When Ed Key tears open his utility bill every month, he sees a clear benefit from living at Denny Park Apartments, an energyefficient green affordable housing development in Seattle. 

  • NBBJ Opens Lighting Design Studio

    In response to increasing demand for lighting services and its own internal growth, Seattle architecture firm NBBJ has separated its lighting group from the architecture and interior design studio, from which it operated for seven years, and created a new studio dedicated to lighting design. The...

  • Hiding Exposed Screw Heads

    On most kitchen cabinet installations, the mounting screws are inconspicuous and the client never notices them.

  • And the Finalists Are...

    We're putting the finishing touches on the August issue of Affordable Housing Finance this week, which features the finalists of the magazine's fourth annual Readers' Choice Awards for the best affordable housing developments of 2007-2008.


    SEATTLE—Developers who face NIMBY opposition will get some support under a new policy from the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.