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More stories about Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA

  • Jeffrey Miller to New Firm

    On April 1, 2004, Jeffrey I.L. Miller exchanged his role as director of lighting design at NBBJ for the same title at Affiliated Engineers. He will be based in the company's Seattle office. Miller brings over 25 years of architectural lighting design experience to Affiliated's Pivotal Lighting...

  • North Coast Electric Company Acquires Alexanders' Contractor Lighting

    As part of their market expansion,

  • Drinking Allowed

    SEATTLE - Seventy-five of the city’s most down-and-out homeless alcoholics are off the streets and living in a bold new development by the nonprofit Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC).

  • The State of HFAs

    SEATTLE - The discussion about affordable housing needs to change, according to Kim Herman, executive director of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission (WSHFC).

  • From a Historic Home, a New Project Rises

    SEATTLE - The Pantages Apartments started with the saving of one landmark house and grew into significantly more.

  • Seattle: Residents Pass Housing Levy to RaiseFunds

    Seattle residents give more than lip service to affordable housing.

  • A Place of Our Own

    SEATTLE—As the final days of August slipped away, Marilyn Smith walked the halls of the new building, taking in the details.

  • Disaster sparks new life for homeless center

    Seattle—After a natural disaster made its oldest building uninhabitable, a Seattle nonprofit that serves the homeless found a way not only to restore the historic structure, but also to provide a new type of housing for the population formerly served by i

  • Historic home gives rise to new project

    Seattle—A landmark in the Capitol Hill community here has been preserved as the centerpiece of an award-winning affordable housing project.

  • Letters

    Preventing cracks in wide cedar shingles; full-scale wall layout suggestions; bathroom GFCI code; preventing sags in ceilings drywall; more