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More stories about Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA

  • The Invisible Addition

    A sucessful addition looks like it’s always been there. This West Coast designer totally transformed a cramped, post-War tract house without changing the architectural character of the neighborbood.

  • Letters

    APA defends panel grading system, ready-mix radiant slabs

  • Design Rules For Adding On

    Additions don’t have to look like they were just stuck on. An architect tells how to blend new space with existing in ways that make the original structure more attractive.

  • Eight-Penny News

    Referral network for insurance repairs, ambitious research into storm-resistant houses, MSDS for sawdust

  • Exterior Trim: Design Basics

    Why do some houses look better than others? An architect explains the fundamental principles that distinguish good exterior details from bad ones.

  • Eight-Penny News

    Combining custom and modular construction, OSHA backs off, dimmable fluorescent lights

  • Q&A: Vapor-Retarder Paints

    Q: Do "vapor-retarder paints" really work? Can I rely on them as the sole vapor barrier in an old house? If so, can you recommend some brand names?

  • Ten Common Floor-Planning Pitfalls

    More than any other factor, room layout affects how well a house works for the homeowners. A successful designer points out common layout errors and provides solutions that work.

  • Toolbox: The Quad Square

    New layout tool has features of framing and combination squares and more

  • Reviving the Rumford

    A mason explains what makes the Rumford such an efficient fireplace and tells how to build one.