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More stories about Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater%2C FL

  • Taking a Closer Look at Private Flood Insurance

    Private firms are entering the coastal flood insurance market with privately-backed alternatives to the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Market. But are those plans a good value? And how safe are they?

  • Does The United States Need More Immigrant Construction Labor?

    Construction industry lobbyists are pushing for more construction worker visas as Washington takes up immigration reform.

  • In Florida, a Shortage of Help

    Builders are getting re-acquainted with a problem that used to be familiar: a shortage of skilled labor.

  • In Some Markets, It's Now Cheaper to Build Than Buy

    The acquisition market in some high-barrier metros has grown so heated that in many cases it's now more cost-effective to build.

  • Bottom Fishing

    St. Petersburg, Fla. — Job losses, weak household formation levels, and competition from the shadow market are taking their toll on the apartment market here.

  • Growing Pains

    Tampa, Fla.—This city’s multifamily market is on a roller coaster that’s hit a low point for landlords.