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    Ewing Township, N.J./Farewell Mills Gatsch Architects

  • The Elusive Mr. Ambasz

    Despite having had a MoMA curatorship at 25 and a host of acclaimed buildings and products designs, architect Emilio Ambasz remains a mystery.

  • Profitable Partnership

    TRENTON, NJ - BTC Management Corp., a nonprofit affordable housing owner and manager, didn’t spend a dime from its reserve accounts to upgrade all of the central heating and cooling equipment at Trent Center East with new energy- efficient machines.


    TRENTON—Almost all the projects that won 2007 low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) met New Jersey’s tough new green building standards for the conservation of resources and the creation of healthy living spaces, with the exception of a few projects to preserve existing affordable housing.

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    Business practices to avoid

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    Capturing the earth’s energy with underground heat-exchange loops can cut heating and cooling costs — if it’s done right. An hvac contractor tells what he’s learned from 15 years of installing geothermal heat pumps.

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