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More stories about Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV

  • Resources

    K&B installation guide from NKBA, accessible building primer, masonry construction manual

  • Letters

    Concerns on the new building code, reader questions quick foundation repair, architects & advertisers

  • Notebook

    Remodelers lobby Washington, Y2K fix for QuickBooks, EPA cracks down on lead paint, bad siding suit decided, energy code trade-offs

  • Strictly Business: How Do You Spell REFERRAL?

    How to guarantee good referrals

  • Letters

    Durability of galvanized fasteners, rain screen flashing, roof layout with a calculator, retrofitting plywood clips

  • Letters

    Kitchen lighting, lead carpenter speaks out, building beyond codes

  • Letters

    Crawlspace moisture solutions, advan-tages of steel framing

  • Letters

    Code compliance concerns, strap tie questions

  • Letters

    Another vote against vinyl, chimney spillage warning, on working with architects

  • Working Smarter With Lead Carpenters

    A production manager for a large remodeling firm explains how the lead carpenter system improves communication, increases job efficiency, and boosts profits.