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  • Mesquite Hardwood Floors

    The most common choice for hardwoods in the houses I build has been white oak, so when I found out the architect had specified Mesquite, I knew I needed to video the process.

  • Raise, Don't Raze, the House

    As work heats up along U.S. coastlines to meet new flood elevations,contractors are jumping in to get new work elevating houses. Reports of dropped houses abound, but one Long Island builder has figured out how to do it right.

  • Hand Sanding: Necessary Evil Made Tolerable

    At times, power sanding is impractical and we need high level manual options for small scale sanding.

  • The ‘Wicked Yellow Barn’: A renovation for the aged!

    My New Year’s resolution for 2014 — besides writing a blog entry every week — is to finish the studio/gallery in my barn in time for Spring.

  • Bona Mega Satin Review - Pecan Floor

    I've used alot of waterborne floor finishes over the years but my favorites are the ones made by BONA.

  • Tight House Construction - Sealing Exterior Sheathing Seams

    In my quest to build ever tighter houses I've decided that my goal is for every house I build to get as close to 1ACH50 as possible. To reach that goal, I've decided to take a page from the PassiveHouse playbook and tape my exterior sheathing seams.

  • Hand Tools that Broke

    Tools that stop working are the most costly tools to have around.

  • What is Air Assisted Spraying?

    Most painters come from an airless spraying background, which is geared for production and not so much for the delicacy of finer finishes and transfer efficiency.

  • Cheap Trick - Recessed Dryer Box Review Model 425

    If you've ever installed a Clothes Dryer you know that the vent at the back is in jeopardy of being pinched off the second you push the unit back into place.

  • Craftsmanship of Concrete - Board Formed Walls

    the house we are building has alot of board formed concrete walls. I thought I'd shoot a video showing the craftsmanship that goes into these exposed architectural walls.