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  • Curing Time for Concrete Footings

    Temperature, admixtures, and fly-ash content can affect how long it takes for concrete to achieve its rated strength.

  • June 2015 Letters

    Thin-kerf saw blades; flood vents in a crawlspace; testing weather barriers; tip for cutting foam

  • Installing a Flue-Top Damper

    Top-sealing dampers install quickly, seal out unwanted guests, and keep conditioned air from escaping out the chimney.

  • Attaching a Deck to SIPs

    Though it is possible to beef up a SIP in order to attach a deck ledger, the best option is to build a freestanding deck.

  • Building With Cross Laminated Timber

    The solid CLT panels simplify making the building envelope airtight, and they help moderate fluctuations in moisture and heat.

  • Vintage Handsaws

    Taper-ground blades and handmade hardwood handles make these humble hand tools things of beauty.

  • New Infrared Options for Remodelers

    By providing a visual image of cold air blowing into the living room, infrared cameras help clients understand the value of air sealing.

  • Solo Installation of Crown Molding

    Techniques developed over the course of 25 years on the job take the place of a helper.

  • Profit Is Not a Happy Accident

    A bigger job does not necessarily mean a bigger profit.

  • Repairing and Replacing Sheet Siding

    Minor cracks can be caulked and repainted, but sometimes the best solution is to remove old panels and replace them with new ones, taking care not to repeat mistakes made by the previous installer.