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  • Repairing and Replacing Sheet Siding

    Minor cracks can be caulked and repainted, but sometimes the best solution is to remove old panels and replace them with new ones, taking care not to repeat mistakes made by the previous installer.

  • Proper Width of Flashing Tape

    It can be tricky to determine a minimum width when the window manufacturer refers to the code or the flashing-tape instructions, and the flashing-tape instructions and the code both refer you back to the window manufacturer or flashing-tape instructions.

  • Lively Live-Edge Floor

    The irregular edges of black walnut planks form a stunning pattern on this floor and stair.

  • Painting Sequence for Room Interiors

    Always do the baseboard last and take care to cut in tight, straight lines.

  • Working With Thick Layers of Exterior Foam

    JLC editor Clayton DeKorne reviews the latest Department of Energy guidelines on using rigid foam insulation.

  • Sales: Effective Questioning

    Using a questioning strategy to narrow down the project's budget will help you close more sales.

  • Price the Job Right, Starting With Overhead

    At the end of the day, when you finish producing work, you need to have enough dollars left to cover overhead.

  • Estimating Spreadsheet

    A simple spreadsheet adjusts your estimates to account for economies of scale.

  • Trimming Windows in a Deep Wall

    Careful detailing helps maintain the thermal break provided by the high-performance window, and flaring the sides of the 8-inch-deep window well allows plenty of light to reach inside.

  • Pervious-Concrete Benefits

    Using pervious concrete on a driveway can reduce runoff and meet many stormwater-management requirements. But does it need maintenance to keep functioning?