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  • Bad Odor in HVAC System

    That bad smell coming from your customer's A/C might be from construction dust that got onto the coils and condensate pan.

  • Field-Applied Preservatives in a Flood Zone

    Is there any preservative treatment that can be applied in the field to non-treated wood in a flood zone?

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    Joe Stoddard offers tips and app suggestions so you can effectively manage your business using your smartphone or tablet.

  • CloudMagic App

    Looking for a single gateway to all your company's data? The CloudMagic app lets you view, search, and act on your data--email, contacts, files, calendar, etc.--scattered across various services from multiple devices.

  • Sales Agreement Specifics

    There’s always the possibly of incurring liability because of something your sales rep said during the sales presentation. One way to limit that possibility, construction lawyer Patrick C. Barthet says, is to have the right sales agreement in place, with appropriate disclaimer language.

  • Making the Transition From Field to Office

    Experts Melanie Hodgdon and Tim Faller offer tips on how to make this transition as smoothly and effectively as possible.

  • What Are the Rules for Paid Lunch Periods and Short Breaks?

    Human resources consultant Douglas Delp offers guidance for determining whether you're required to pay employees during their short breaks and lunch times.

  • Pros and Cons of Epoxy Grout

    Today's epoxy grouts are less prone to sagging and discoloration and are easier to install and clean than earlier versions

  • Are Birdmouths in Rafters Necessary?

    Now that there are alternative methods using ripped strips and metal connectors, why are we still cutting birdsmouths in rafters?

  • Mixing Cladding and Stick-On Stone

    Make sure you get the water-management details right the first time around