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  • Proper Width of Flashing Tape

    It can be tricky to determine a minimum width when the window manufacturer refers to the code or the flashing-tape instructions, and the flashing-tape instructions and the code both refer you back to the window manufacturer or flashing-tape instructions.

  • Lively Live-Edge Floor

    The irregular edges of black walnut planks form a stunning pattern on this floor and stair.

  • Painting Sequence for Room Interiors

    Always do the baseboard last and take care to cut in tight, straight lines.

  • Working With Thick Layers of Exterior Foam

    JLC editor Clayton DeKorne reviews the latest Department of Energy guidelines on using rigid foam insulation.

  • Sales: Effective Questioning

    Using a questioning strategy to narrow down the project's budget will help you close more sales.

  • Price the Job Right, Starting With Overhead

    At the end of the day, when you finish producing work, you need to have enough dollars left to cover overhead.

  • Estimating Spreadsheet

    A simple spreadsheet adjusts your estimates to account for economies of scale.

  • Trimming Windows in a Deep Wall

    Careful detailing helps maintain the thermal break provided by the high-performance window, and flaring the sides of the 8-inch-deep window well allows plenty of light to reach inside.

  • Pervious-Concrete Benefits

    Using pervious concrete on a driveway can reduce runoff and meet many stormwater-management requirements. But does it need maintenance to keep functioning?

  • Sliding Pole

    When taking the stairs is too pedestrian, use a firepole.