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    Suggestions for what to say when clients ask: What's your markup?

  • Petri Dish House

    A cautionary tale of high indoor humidity, mold problems, and what not to do in a home if you want healthy clients.

  • For the Birds

    Unlike their more modern cousins, dovecotes in medieval Europe weren't simply decorative.

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    Could fasteners being driven through the valleys of the metal corrugation be the cause of a leaky roof?

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    Does the moisture content of the soil in a footing hole affect how bagged concrete cures?

  • Milling Rough Lumber

    For fine woodworking, having control over the flatness and stability of the wood is paramount.

  • Electric Water Heating for a Low-Load Home

    Installing an electric tankless water heater proves to be cost-effective and energy efficient.

  • Settling Construction Disputes

    As a contractor, you have a 1 in 4 chance that a lawsuit will be filed against you.

  • Stilts Beyond Drywall

    Stilts have been—and continue to be—used for a wide range of purposes beyond hanging and finishing drywall.