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  • Best-Practice Apron Flashing

    For a more-effective and better-looking result, integrate the exposed apron with the corner flashing using soldered lock seams.

  • Moisture in Fat Walls

    Researchers monitor temperature and moisture in a house for three winters to see whether 12 inches of dense-blown cellulose would work as well as the same thickness of medium-density open-cell spray foam.

  • Sealing Shower Valves

    Whether you're searching for the source of a leak or installing a new shower, pay attention to the escutcheon.

  • Carpenter Gothic

    The carpentry that inspired an iconic American painting.

  • Calculating Attic Ventilation

    Code requirements are based on attic square footage, but it's important to also consider volume.

  • Keeping Air Tools Going in Winter

    A few tips will help your pneumatics work better in the cold.

  • Weather Resistive Barrier Behind Brick Veneer

    Because brick is highly porous, installing the proper WRB is critical to protecting the sheathing.

  • Minisplit Installation on an Interior Wall

    Much less expensive to install than an oil-fired hot-water heating system, minisplits are extremely efficient too

  • The Science of Kitchen Ventilation

    Cooking causes indoor air pollution. The obvious answer is to install, and use, a range hood and fan, but how well do they really work?

  • Drawing an Ellipse

    If you're not sold on the nails-and-string method, try this one.