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  • Useful Apps: Fraction Plus

    A convenient way to add fractions and convert to decimal equivalents.

  • Dual-Battery Cordless Chainsaw

    The Makita's HCU02ZX2 uses either one 36-volt battery or two 18-volt batteries

  • Marine Construction Guide Available

    This Southern Forest Products guide includes preservative specs for different applications, details on fasteners and connectors, and framing details for docks, piers and other water-side structures.

  • It's Not Just a Jig, It's a Machine

    The Kreg Foreman DB210 makes pocket holes faster and more easily than jigs requiring the use of hand-held drills.

  • A Trip to the Knaack Box Factory

    David Frane vistis Knaack and gives us an inside look at how jobsite storage boxes and truck boxes are made.

  • Hands-On with a New Cordless Framing Nailer

    Tim Uhler puts a battery-powered DeWalt framing gun through its paces.

  • A ‘Double Zero Energy’ Home

    A partnership between SunPower and KB Home launches the "double zero energy" home.

  • Basement Building Science

    Do you really understand the moisture and heat dynamics associated with insulated foundation walls?

  • A Whole New Engineer

    A new book, A Whole New Engineer, explores the coming revolution in engineering ... well, in all aspects of construction, really.

  • Work Pants for Carpenters

    These Scandinavian-designed work pants have built-in sleeves to hold kneepads, plus waist-level nail pouches and all kinds of specialized pockets that all but eliminate the need to wear a heavy tool belt.