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  • The Year in Power Tool Batteries

    Bigger packs, better chemistry, and improved electronics promise to boost the performance of existing tools while making it possible to introduce larger more powerful tools than was thought to be possible.

  • Quick-Shift Impact Driver

    The Makita XDT09 has three speeds and automatically downshifts to prevent threads from stripping and fasteners from breaking.

  • Beach House Deck Collapse Injures 26

    No joist hangers in sight, just rusty toenails, lead to a deck collapse in Emerald Isle, N.C. that sends dozens to the hospital.

  • 115 Years of American Homes

    My how far we've come. Timeline explores the milestones in the evolution of American housing.

  • Practical Solution for Curbing Silica Dust

    Protecting workers from silica in masonry materials just takes a little common sense. So what's with the OSHA rule delay?

  • Is Weatherization Worth It?

    A new study says Michigan’s low-income weatherization program cost more than it saved. But critics question the study's methods.

  • Concrete Decks for Coastal Homes

    North Carolina custom builder Thomas Dugan provides a detailed look at the process of building a concrete outdoor deck with steel columns, steel I-beams, and the Versa-Dek steel pan system.

  • New High-Wind Construction Guides Released

    The latest update of the American Wood Council’s high-wind framing cookbooks serve as a handy guide for builders in states that are already using the 2012 edition of the International codes.

  • Hamptons Homeowners Fight to Squelch “Truck Beach” Revels

    On New York’s Long Island shores, beaches can be a high-value amenity. But they can also be a source of trouble.

  • What a Shipwright Can Teach Us

    Whether you frame or trim, every carpenter can learn a lot from master shipwright Louis Sauzedde.